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What All Student Career Counselors must know

Are you new to career counseling for school students?

Alternatively, are you an experienced career counselor, wanting to add more value?

In either case, you must know how you can provide benefit to your clients. This article provides an insight into many parameters that you must be aware of, in order to provide quality advice to your clients.

Who should read this?

This article is for career counselors for school students.

You may be working with students below class 3rd, up to class 7th, between 8th to 12th and any combination.

For senior students, you might be helping to choose, career, streams and higher education.

You might also be counseling students who tried NEET or IIT and could not succeed.

Alternatively, who want are confused in choosing higher education post class 12th?

For junior students, you might want to help parents become aware of their cognitive abilities.

You might be guiding parents on child self-awareness.

This blog is for career counselors who want to offer authentic and practical career advice to school students and their parents.

Are you still interested? Ready to read further?

Understanding Career Excellence Model (CEM)

How do you define career excellence for your client? Alternatively, a successful career for the client?

Is it when the client can perform well in career?

Alternatively, when she shall adjust well in her job?

Alternatively, when shall be highly motivated?

In fact, a successful, flourishing career is when the client shall adjust well in the job, perform exceedingly well and shall remain highly motivated.

Our career excellence model is based on above philosophy.

Different components of Career Excellence Model

You must design your career counseling practice to help client identify such careers and progress towards them.

Career Exploration Process

Did you provide sufficient self-awareness to your client?

Was it in accordance to career excellence model?

Does your client have enough career landscape awareness?

Does she know how to be career ready?

Career exploration is a systematic process to address these queries.

Once you master career excellence model, you should master career exploration process.

Career Counseling fundamentals for students between class 8th & 12th

Review the Career Excellence Model.

Given below are key ingredients of CEM, adapted to students in higher classes.

Please read them thoroughly.

Also, keep in mind that Career building of a child is collective family endeavor.

Child self-awareness and parental whole-heated acceptance and support are key influences.

Child self-awareness components include

ComponentAffected Parameter
Interest of ChildMotivation
Values of ChildMotivation
Personality of ChildAdjustment
Cognitive abilities of ChildPerformance
Other critical abilities of ChildPerformance

Different components of Self-awareness

Additional influencing or enabling parameters include

ComponentAffected Parameter
Learning preferences of the childStrategies to gain knowledge in most effective manner
Career decision making ability of childRelevant information and belief in self to make suitable career decisions

Other critical parameters

Have you understood these concepts well?

Can you explain these to your clients these succinctly?

Have you thoroughly understood their correlation to a profession or a title?

Career Awareness and Readiness components

Are you aware of the industry aligned career clusters?

Within these, do you understand various pathways? Careers within those pathways?

Careers? Roles?

Do you know how to identify required streams for a career? How to identify higher education needs?

Do you have college database? Qualifying exams awareness? Information about fees & competition?

A thorough understanding of these is necessary to provide satisfactory career counseling for the 8th-12th classes.

Career Counseling fundamentals for students between class 3rd & 7th

These students have different requirement. In addition, different environment.

Parents are decision makers, key influences and resource providers.

In these classes, students are not still concerned about finding colleges or qualifying exams.

They are more concerned in exploration process.

Exploration of intelligence. Exploration of interests

They are still tender. Therefore, awareness of their well-being is also important.

As a career counselor, you must master these concepts.

Child’s well-being components

Emotional well-being is so important. Without this, children cannot flourish.

They cannot realize their potential. They cannot focus on studies.

As a counselor, do you understand child emotions, activity patterns, their social habits, and their relationship with other children?

Understand these concepts. Get trained. Find tools that help you identify these.

Interest, intelligence and preference components

Interest is equally important. It is a motivator. It brings focus. Willingness to put effort.

Are you equipped to identify child interests? Can you map these to possible careers?

Intelligence brings capacity. It enables child to gain competence. So, interest is driver and intelligence is enabler.

Can you assess child intelligence? As a counselor, do you have right tools? Are you trained to interpret results?

What about learning preferences? How does the child learn best?

Can you identify? Can you suggest best strategies?

As a student career counselor for this class bracket, you must master above components.

Get trained.

In addition, get the best assessment tools.

Student counseling between class 1st & 2nd

At this stage, some aspects of personality start forming. Understand these.

Interests are not well formed. They shall change

Child emotional well-being is important.

Child intelligence is important.

As student counselor for this group, you must master these concepts.

Find tools for assessment of intelligence, child well-being and stable personality traits.

This is a stage for formation. Child is evolving. It is the time to understand innate capacities.

Channel these meaningfully.

Understand limitations – some of which may have impact on career adjustment.

Summing it up

Student career counseling is a huge responsibility.

Parents are putting their trust in you. You are guiding their children.

You must deliver!

For this, you must gain expertise.

You should be trained.

You must have right tools.

You must have information database.

Your training and tool must differentiate between different age groups.

Analysis and recommendations must be customized.

Start slowly! Practice well!

You shall be an outstanding student career counselor!

To know more, sign-up for free!

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Definite Guide on Career Counselling Certification

Are you looking for a World Class Career Counselling Certification?

How about one that can boost your career counselling business. One that tremendously boosts your confidence as a career counsellor.

There are many certifications available in market. However, Stop! Do you have the required knowledge to make a good choice?

Why to go for a Career Counselling Certification?

Do you want to become an expert career counsellor?

Do you want to develop a strong reputation as a career counsellor?

Do you want to increase your career counselling business?

If answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then you should consider achieving a quality career counselling certification.

A good Career Counselling Certification shall give you competitive advantage over other players. Additionally, the mandatory training required before certification shall enable you to better help your clients. Good Certifications generally come with a post-training certification exam. Passing the exam to earn certification shall make sure that you have internalized all the training knowledge.

Now comes the tricky part? How to choose a good Career Counselling Certification program?

Tips to choose a great Career Counselling Certification Program

Choosing a good certification program is not sufficient. You need a great certification program to attract your clients and retain them.

Identifying such a program takes thorough research. It requires you to understand how it shall help you understand the concepts of career counselling, the obvious and latent needs of the clients as well as the process of high quality career counselling.

Look for the Value provided by your Career Counselling Certification Program

Is your certification program only an expense?

Alternatively, does it provide an upfront 5 – 6X return on investment?

What is the worth of associated training?

Handholding for initial clients?

What is the value of associated technology platform offered?

How many free assessments that you can sell to your clients?

Does it offer lead generation?

What else?

Does it enable you to earn from day one?

You are earning certification to grow your business. You should get answers to above questions.

Look for Quality of Career Counselling Certification Program

Please look for below parameters when choosing a career counselling certification program.

Specificity – How specific is the solution for catering to your client base?

Does it provide different solutions appropriate for different age groups?

Alternatively, is it just a generic solution?

Specificity is essential for solution appropriateness for the clients. It depends on your target market segment. You can search for

Training Coverage – How deep is the associated training. Look at training index.

Does it cover relevant topics?

Is the duration sufficient?

Does it offer in-training quizzes?

Overall, by looking at the index, do you feel confident of being an excellent career counsellor?

Certification – It refers to the authenticity of certification exam as well as the certification itself.

Will you go through a genuine post-training certification exam?

Will the exam really test your knowledge or just allow you to pass as you have already paid?

Does the certifying team include experienced & reputed professionals?

Support model – It is the ease with which o training experts before, during or after the training. It also includes the support that you get post training.

Do you have a personalized service? Alternatively, is it purely chat based?

Can you connect to the trainer for doubt clearing?

Do you get handholding for initial real life counselling?

Become aware of different Career Counselling Certification Programs

You must map your client-base needs to the certification.

Are your client students of secondary classes looking for suitable career options?

Do they need college awareness?

Are your clients parents worried about study habits of their child?

Do they have very young kids?

Are you counselling experienced professionals?

Are they stuck in their career? Are they dissatisfied? Do they lack leadership skills?

Are your client fresher looking for job readiness?

Are they undergraduates looking to set-up their enterprises?

When you choose a career counselling certification program, make sure it enables you to match the needs of your clients.

Understand Career counselling certification for school students

Senior students want to build career. Many of them want to study abroad. They want to know about best colleges. They need to select and decide.

Middle school students are somewhat different. Their parents want to understand their intelligence. They want to understand their interests. They may also want to become about possible careers.  However, their purpose is exploration.

Very young kids are still different. Their parents want to ensure child well-being. They also want to understand their IQ. They want to understand their nature.

Does your certification look at these differences?

Does the training provide in-depth knowledge about these topics?

Understand Career counselling certification for college students

College students focus on skill building. They want to be entrepreneurs. Alternatively, they want to enter into prestigious jobs. Some of them want to do research or be in academics.

Does your career counselling certification identify where they should go?

Does it identify separate skills for separate paths?

Does it provide skill benchmarking for the chosen path?

Does the training help you gain confidence?

Is there a mechanism to mentor students post benchmarking?

Is there a yearly assessment-benchmarking-mentoring model? Through this, students can prepare well for career by the time they graduate.

Understand Career counselling certification for job aspirants

Job aspirants are in hurry. They cannot spend years to build skills. They require quick assessment of skills, crash course on skill development and support for interview preparation.

Is your career counselling certification designed accordingly?

Are short-term skill-building training available for students?

Is interview preparation included?

Understand Career counselling certification for experienced professionals

Working professionals want to grow in career. They want to perform well. They want to lead the teams. They want to be happy as well.

Does your certification consider these aspects?

Are there multiple associated solutions – for example performance, leadership and satisfaction?

Are they relevant?

Are they detailed?

Do they provide actionable plan? Are these plans realistic?

Validity and Relevance of Career Counselling Certification Program

Everything changes with time. Therefore, Knowledge requires updating to remain relevant. Does your certification program acknowledge this?

Does it provide opportunity for recertification?

How frequently?

At what cost?

Does it include updated training?

How easy is the process?

Find answers to above questions before deciding. It is important that your certification provide value at optimal cost and with greatest ease.

Finally, choosing your Career Counselling Certification Program

So, you did a thorough market research. Great Job!

You are ready to take decision. Excellent!

Your research confirmed that your chosen certification is best career counselling certification.

Associated training is better than the best career counselling courses.

The value offer far exceeds initial investment.

The support is so personalized and classy.

You have a big market opportunity waiting out there!

You are confident that this certification program is better than any other including any free offline or free online career counselling course with certification.

Congratulations! You have researched well. Now Rush! Take decision and grab your certification. You can increase your confidence as a great career counsellor.

If you want to know more, visit us and get a free sign-up today!

Happy Career Counselling!