Popular Study abroad destinations - Canada & UK


Canada ensures a high Visa success rate for students, provided they meet all requirements. It also provides better chances to settle down after completing studies. Only after 2 years of study, students may obtain a 2-year-long work permit. They can subsequently apply for PR.

Indian students are more familiar with Canada compared to several European countries. This is also a reason for its popularity. As of 2023, over 35% of international students in Canada are from India. The presence of the student community and relatives or friends provides the necessary comfort.

Canada has some of the world-renowned institutions. Canada has always been popular for STEM courses. Private and government channels have supported investment in new courses like AI. This enables private institutions to help deserving candidates.

Canada has low unemployment rates. This indicates the availability of work opportunities for both national and international students. Some courses with good job prospects include accounting, MBA, management, civil and environmental engineering as well as finance.

Typically, students want to be in and around Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. Often, the competition for admission to these schools might be higher as a lot of candidates apply but the number of schools is limited. It is important to pick a university with a good reputation and in a good location.

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UK (United Kingdom)

One attraction is that the UK offers a short duration of courses. UG programs typically take 3 years while PG programs take 1 year. Students spend less for getting required degree as well as enter the labour market earlier. 

The UK is known for its academic excellence. There is a focus on high-quality faculty, cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art facilities. For example, 4 out of 10 QS top-ranked universities are in the UK. A notable 83% of international graduates acknowledged that their UK degree significantly aided in securing them employment. 

There is a high student visa approval rate. With over 96% approval rates for study visa applicants, Indians constitute the largest student cohort in the UK. In June 2023, Indians remained the top study-visa gainers (25%). Further, students get a 2-year stay-back period known as Post Study Work (PSW).

The UK is a good destination for MBAs and finance grads with solid prior work experience. But the number of jobs available in the UK for a variety of other sectors is very limited. Hence, the course you pick becomes extremely important.

Respicite Tips: 

Both Canada and the UK focus on academic excellence. Respicite provides an assessment of good study habits. Students can understand their situation and take measures to strengthen their study habits.


Choosing between Canada and the UK as study-abroad destinations involves weighing several factors, from visa success rates to post-study work opportunities and academic excellence. Canada stands out for its welcoming environment, strong STEM programs, and generous post-study work permits, making it a favourable choice for many Indian students. On the other hand, the UK offers shorter program durations, renowned universities, and high employment prospects post-graduation, particularly beneficial for those seeking accelerated entry into the job market. Whether opting for Canada or the UK, students can leverage resources like Respicite's career counselling and psychometric tests to align their academic journey with their career aspirations effectively. Making an informed decision based on personal goals and preferences ensures a fulfilling and successful study abroad experience.