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Browse through wide range of career assessments including stream selection, post-college direction, overseas guidance assessment, positive parenting assessment and employability assessment. Choose the most appropriate.

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Browse our extensive career counselling professional's network. Get help from career counsellors, parenting counsellors, career coaches, overseas counsellors, educational counsellors and numerous other career professionals.

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Freshers need to build employability skills. Working professionals need upskilling. Browse our extensive portfolio of skill development courses. Choose the one that can help you reduce the skill-gap from your dream job or employment.

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Fresher need to enter into jobs. working professional need to switch jobs for growth or fulfilment. Browse thousands of jobs available with hundreds of organizations. Match your skills, minimize skill-gap and apply to build your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Respicite Career & Parenting Platform (RECAP) helps students to build fulfilling careers. It provides diverse yet accurate tools to help students make career decisions. It provides assessments for stream selection, overseas planning, post college planning as well as job readiness. Each Respicite Career Assessment is designed to solve one specific career problem. Some of our career assessments are not available with competitors – for example Disha (post-college planning tool), PPE (positive parenting explorer) and Overseas companion (overseas planning kick-off tool). Respicite Career & Parenting platform also caters to parenting counselling needs of parents with school going kids. It provides parenting tools that help parents to understand their parenting in details. Our parenting reports help them to identify specific parenting and child issues, find recommendations and make plans for long term child wellbeing. Respicite RECAP platform provides best career counselling in India. It also provides the best parenting counselling in India. This is because its assessments are fresh and relevant. Its counsellor network is varied and fast growing. RECAP reports are easy to understand and interpret. RECAP offers domains including school students, college students, overseas aspirants and parents. We provide unmatched rates and service quality to our B2B partners. Respicite includes a wide network of counsellors who will educate and guide the clients to fulfil their current and future needs. Our counsellors are varied – career counsellors, overseas consultants, DMIT practitioners, Career coaches, parenting coaches, child psychologists, skill trainers as well as placement consultants. You can choose among the pool of highly experienced, expert yet economical counsellors. We shall ensure that you get best career counselling in India and best parenting counselling in India.
A Good career counsellor helps you clear your confusions and take right career decisions. To find best career counsellors in india, please visit the counselling centre of Respicite career and parenting platform [REPAC] or search online on Respicite Portal. You can also use the search terms like “Best Career Counsellor in India”. You shall find the best career counsellors on our platform who shall help you make career decisions so that you can flourish. Our counsellors are trained. If you passed out 10th and are looking for stream selection, they shall help you understand career relevant self-awareness parameters - career interests, values, personality and abilities. They shall also help you understand your current career decision making confidence as well as your learning preferences. They shall guide you through your career selection and provide you with all the details including the professions and roles available in the market regarding your stream. If you passed out 12th or are in 1st year, they shall help you create post-college path. If you are inclined towards study abroad, they shall help you kick-off your overseas planning. If you are in your final year, they shall help you identify your job readiness & upskilling requirements. They shall also help you find jobs. Overall, you shall find best career counselling in India at our platform.
A Good career test should address one specific problem of a career stage and address it. It should have several dimensions of measurement relevant to that career stage and decision problem. It should identify whether the individual has relevant orientations and abilities and to what extent. Respicite career tests for studentsadhere to these principals. They are relevant and specific. They are detailed enough for reliable measurement of career decision making problem at hand. Our reports are easy to understand and self-explanatory. We have a wide issue coverage – stream selection for 10th pass-outs, post-college directions identification for 12th pass outs and job readiness assessment for final year students. We also have overseas companion for overseas planning kick-off. Our career tests for students are fresh and relevant. They address specific problems and address them well. They come with easy to interpret reports with expert identified recommendations.
As parents, we want our children to flourish. We want them to do well in studies as well as be happy. We take care of their needs and wants. Yet, at times, we need support. Our platform provides that support.To find best parenting counselling in India, please visit the counselling centre of Respicite career and parenting platform or search us online. We shall help you understand your parenting styles as well as child issues. Our parenting counselling tools help parents understand their parenting behaviours on varied parameters and help analyse each parameter in detail. We provide PPE (positive parenting explorer) to assess the parenting style f the parent. Our parenting counsellors provide trainings in managing these parameters for the parents. The parents are educated about their parenting style and how that parenting shapes their child’s personality. In this manner, rather than taking a vague approach of managing your children, you shall be able to have a systematic way to identify where you are doing excellent and where you need to make tweaks. We have best parenting counsellorsin India and abroad. Out parenting counsellors and child psychologists. diagnose the problems in the parenting and also the concerns of the child. During parent counselling, we also identify the strengths of the child. Parenting counselling provided by Respicite parenting counsellors is not only for couples but also single parents and couples without children. Our tools assess parenting styles separately for both parents and accordingly provide suggestions. Our tools are not only to point out the mistakes in your parenting but also to identify your strengths, because at the end of the day, you know your child better than anyone else. For some situations, where there is a need, we shall also guide you to specialists. You can rest assured for best parenting counselling in India with Respicite.