Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. what is career counseling certification?

Ans. Career counseling certification program is in which we trained individual people who want to become a certified counselor if a person earned a certificate in career counseling then he is eligible to counsel student either with the school or organization and start his/her own business.

Q.2. Am I capable to counsel student on my own?

Ans. yes once you have completed "Respicite" career counseling certification training program you will be obtained a training completion certificate after achieving certificate you can Begin counseling student.

Q.3. Is online training possible?

Ans. Yes in Respicite we provide Online training where certified counselor trained and guide you with the help of online platform.

Q.4. what are the benefit of career counseling certification?

Ans. When you earn a Respicite career counseling certificate then you got a potential to council student , you can join any counseling organization/ institute, or you can established your own counseling organization.

Q.5. what type of certification respicite provide?

Ans. There are 11 different certification programs provided by Respicite which is CAT, QCE, UCE, PPE, SDP, JRAP, ECP, WPA, WLA, WLS, CMP.

Q.6. what is QCE?

Ans. QCE is quick career explorer created for 3rd to 7th standard student which help them to identify there career path.

Q.7. what opportunity did respicite provide after training?

Ans. Respicite give a chance to work as a partner career counselor and help them to reach more clients. "Respicite" always monitor that its trained counselor are never short of opportunities.

Q.8. What is UCE?

Ans. Universal career Explorer is a tool consumed for 8th-12th standard student to assist them in their career.

Q.9. what is WPA Workplace performance?

Ans. This product is elaborate for working professional to assist them about the relevant skills they required at workplace.

Q.10. What is WLA?

Ans. Workplace performance is developed for working professionals in which we are assist them how to lead a team.

Q.11. What is meant by WLS?

Ans. WLS is Work & life- satisfaction designed for working professional to support them in managing working and professional life.

Q.12. What is CMP?

Ans. Career mentoring for professionals is a combine form of WPA,WLA, WLS & here we assist them in leadership skills, as well as work & life satisfaction, inferences, growth recommendations.

Q.13. What do you mean by PPE?

Ans. PPE means positive parenting explorer developed for parents and kids (1st-12th standard student) for identification of child well being.

Q.14. What is SDP?

Ans. SDP is Skill development program designed for 1st year - prefinal college students to Assist & development of skills, required in a broad range of jobs.

Q.15. What is JRAP designed for?

Ans. Job readiness assessment and preparation program is for Final year college students who want to do job, we assist in relevant skills they required and type of job according to their choices.

Q.16. What is ECP?

Ans. ECP is Entreprenuership capacity and preparedness program developed Final year college students who want to become a entrepreneur.

Q.17. What do you mean by Service provider ?

Ans. Service provider means a counselor linked with us and we shows his profile on our Respicite website so they will get leads from PAN India.

Q.18. How many visitors on your website?

Ans. Regularly, There are 60 to 70 people visit on our Respicite website.

Q.19. How a client contact to us?

Ans. On your profile your contact details are visible so a client directly contact you by email or through call.

Q.20. How much can I charge on a client?

Ans. You can charge a client as much you charge your own client.

Q.21. How you promote your website ?

Ans. We promote our Respicite website through different digital way belike Facebook add's, Instagram add's, linkedin, Goolge add's.

Q.22. Does the student need to bring academic certificates?

Ans. No, Student not need to bring academic certificates with them during assessment & counseling.

Q.23. Is student need to prepare anything before assessment

Ans. No, Him/Her not need to prepare anything before assessment they just need to be relax, calm & confident.

Q.24. How can I take an appointment?

Ans. You could write a mail to us or call us to schedule an appointment.

Q.25. What is the duration of assessment PPE?

Ans. For parents assessment duration is 20min each and also for child assessment duration is 20 min each